Genital Herpes Outbreaks in Men

Genital herpes affects everyone, especially males. Genital herpes is caused by the herpes simplex one virus. Genital herpes is also highly contagious and is considered a sexually transmitted disease. When men have unprotected sex, whether it is oral, vaginal or anal intercourse, they put themselves at risk for contracting genital herpes. For every added partner the man has unprotected intercourse with the higher he makes his chances of contracting genital herpes. The huge problem with herpes is that a man may have no symptoms of a genital herpes outbreak yet still pass the disease to others. Genital herpes are tricky in that even though a person who has herpes is unaware or does not have an outbreak at that moment they still can spread herpes.

Herpes on the penis tend to be a lot more noticeable than herpes contracted by a woman. Unlike men women can get herpes on their cervix making it impossible to know. Men will generally see herpes outbreaks occur on the penis near the head and, if the outbreak produces enough blisters the man may have trouble urinating as the hole is covered. Herpes outbreaks will also end up on the scrotum which makes it worse for males. Since the genital on men is highly sensitive, herpes blisters will hurt a lot more for men than women.

Herpes outbreaks when they first occur generally have symptoms which may be confusing to some people with having an illness. The first few outbreaks of genital herpes men will have will be the hardest to deal with as most men are not used to having painful sores all over their penis and scrotum. Unfortunately even today with all the medical research done on sexually transmitted diseases there is no known cure for treating herpes.